Victoria (Season 2)

27 Aug 2017TV Series (2016- )

Resuming one month after the first series ended, series two establishes Victoria as a working mother, learning to balance her responsibilities as both parent and Queen. However, Prince Albert is still struggling to find a role for himself alongside his powerful wife as she returns to her duties, intent on proving that she can be both a mother and dedicated Queen.

Christmas Special 2017 - Prime Video here.

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Masterpiece: Victoria: The Complete Seasons 1, 2 And 3

Victoria & Albert: A Royal Love Affair
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Victoria: A Novel
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“Victoria is an absolutely captivating novel of youth, love, and the often painful transition from immaturity to adulthood. Daisy Goodwin breathes new life into Victoria’s story, and does so with sensitivity, verve, and wit.”

The Heart and Mind of a Young Queen
Official Companion to the Masterpiece Presentation on PBS
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All Things Victorian

A Victorian Lady’s Guide to Fashion and Beauty
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The Victorian City:
Everyday Life in Dickens’ London

How to Be a Victorian:
A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Victorian Life
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A Holiday By Gaslight
A Victorian Christmas
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The Valancourt Book of Victorian
Christmas Ghost Stories
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Floriography: An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers
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The Antiquarian Sticker Book
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How to Cook: The Victorian Way with Mrs Crocombe
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