Murdoch Mysteries (Specials)

25 Dec 2017TV Series (2008- )

Christmas Special 2015 A Merry Murdoch Christmas
While investigating the murder of a rich benefactor and the theft of children's presents at a Christmas charity pageant, Murdoch discovers suggestions that a Christmas monster, a Krampus, may be involved.

Christmas Special 2016 Once Upon a Murdoch Christmas
Murdoch and Brackenreid investigate a series of brazen robberies targeting Toronto's businessmen just days before Christmas

Christmas Special 2017 Home for the Holidays
Detective Murdoch and Dr. Ogden travel to Vancouver Island to visit Murdoch's brother, RCMP officer Jasper Linney. There, they investigate a murder connected to an archaeologist who has uncovered an ancient Indigenous settlement, leading to encounters with the Songhees and Haida nations. Meanwhile, the Brackenreids are offered an investment opportunity that may not be all it seems, and Crabtree and Higgins plan a ski holiday with their sweethearts Nina Bloom and Ruth Newsome that may be more dangerous than expected.

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Murdoch Mysteries
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Murdoch Mysteries:
Once Upon a Murdoch Christmas

Murdoch Mysteries:
Home For the Holidays

Murdoch Mysteries
Ultimate DVD Collection
Seasons 1-12

Murdoch Mysteries:
The Collection – Series 1-11 Boxset
(includes the Christmas Specials and TV Movies) (53 Discs) [DVD]

The Complete Murdoch Mysteries Collection
Kindle Edition

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