Hi I am Lydia and I am a period drama fan!

For a long time I have wanted to create a space for like minded people who can find a period drama based on a century or topic. This project has been inspired by my love of watching period dramas set in the 19th Century. This collection of period dramas will be categorise into a century, decade or period which you will be able to search through. On top of this I plan to categorise all period dramas with interesting tags, historical figures, battles and more. You are welcome to contribute to these by leaving a comment below the period drama.

My personal take on what a period drama is – any drama set pre 1970s, before modern technology and includes fantasy periods where we can not determine the century or period.

Each day/week I will be adding new, old or upcoming period dramas to this database. You can find them by following the Facebook page or visiting the home page.

Here you can add your collection of dramas to a ‘Watched’ list or create a ‘To Watch’ list.

Every period drama has been added by myself (Lydia). This is a work in progress so please bear with me while I add more and more dramas to this every growing collection.

Happy exploring!